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Longarm Services

Quilt Intake Form (CLICK HERE)

Now that your quilt top is finished, why not bring it to us for longarm quilting? At Quincy's, we do our longarm quilting on one of our four computerized Gammill Statler longarm quilting machines. Each machine is computer driven and precisely follows the chosen pantograph (quilting design). The design is chosen by you or you can leave it up to our expertise to choose something we think we will complement your quilt. To see a selection of the pantographs available, we've got more than 200 posted below for you to view.

Bring in your quilts up to 120” x 120” and get them longarmed with edge to edge quilting on our computerized Gammill Statler machines for the low, everyday price of $149.95. 

Hobbs 80/20 batting and single colour Glide thread are included.
The usual conditions apply: backing fabric must be 4” larger than quilt on all 4 sides (in other words the backing must measure 8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top); denim / jeans quilts, t-shirt quilts; quilts with large or bulky seams and quilts with special design features such as flanges and some applique may be assessed an additional fee.  Any additional conditions, fees, thread selection, pantograph selection and expected completion dates will be discussed during the intake process. 

CLICK HERE for a list of our additions services/fees.

When sending in or dropping off your quilt top please print off the "Quilt Intake Form", fill out and put with your quilt top.  

If you are using our mail in service, please send your quilts to:

Quincy's Quilting
4801 50th Ave
Leduc, Alberta  T9E 6X8
Attention: Longarm Department



The pantographs shown below are the ones that are most often requested. If you're looking for something specific and don't see it below please ask as we have access to over 3000 additional pantographs.

We've put the pantographs below into 2 different collections. 

Most Popular ~ these are the 14 pantographs that are requested the most.

All ~ these are the overall most requested pantographs. If you don't see it here, please ask as we may have what you're looking for since we can't post all 3000+ here.


Referral Program

How It Works
For every Friend (Referee) the Customer (Referrer) refers to Quincy’s Quilting for long arm quilting they will receive a Referral credit. Once they save up 5 credits, they will receive one free long arm service certificate for a quilt up to 120” x 120” (not including batting).
  1.  It is the responsibility of the Friend / Referee to advise us if they have been referred to us during the quilt intake process. We do not honour retroactive “referrals”. Only quilts brought in from March 18th, 2020 forward qualify as a referred quilt.
  2.  Every Customer / Referrer who refers a Friend will have a Quilt Referral Voucher Form. See attached. The vouchers are not actual vouchers to give to out. They are recorded as an entry on the Quilt Referral Voucher Form.
  3.  The Friend referred must be a new quilting customer of Quincy’s Quilting. They cannot have had a quilt quilted by Quincy’s Quilting in the past. The long arm team will verify the eligibility of the referred Friend. 
  4.  The referral voucher entry is not recorded until #3 is above is confirmed AND the referred Friend has paid for their first quilt. A paid quilt pass counts as an eligible referral.
  5.  Only one quilt from each referred Friend counts as a referred quilt. If the individual brings in 5 quilts it only counts as one Referral Voucher.
  6.  Quincy’s Staff member will enter Referrer’s name in the notes section on the referred Friends account / receipt.
  7.  Referrals have an expiration date which will be 12 months from the date received.   
  8.  For every 5 valid Referral Vouchers, the Referrer will receive one free quilting certificate for any size quilt up to 120” x 120”.
  9.  The free quilt certificate is valid for quilting only. It does not include batting or shipping fees. It also does not cover additional long arm fees such as attaching leaders, basting flanges, etc.…

Quilt Referral Voucher Form

The form will be kept at Quincy's Quilting and filled out by Staff. See an example of the form here.

Thread Colours Available

The following show the thread colours in broad colour options. There are multiple actual thread colours within each colour family other than White and Black. Choose a thread colour family and we will pick the thread colour from that group that looks best with your quilt top and backing. Or, leave the colour choice completely up to us by selecting "Quilters Choice".
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