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Illustrator J. Wecker Frisch works from her home studio in St. Louis, MO and attributes her artistic ability to a ‘God given’ talent. Formal classes in commercial art accompanied by a twenty year art based business was the path that led her to Art Licensing and fabric design.

The prolific artist is introducing a new episode in her illustrative story. The Handmaids® series of creatively themed characters, offers a fresh take on her classic drawing expression that we have all come to embrace. Janet's most recent focus includes the spiritually influenced, Modern Vintage, Steampunk flavored, female artisans.

Her fascination with characters since childhood, inspire a story telling quality and depth of detail, offering the viewer continual discovery as we spend time with her pieces. The three identifiable elements, her visual humor, heartfelt messaging and images we can all relate to. Janet's diverse collections are in a word, engaging. Each watercolor rendered piece, is a short story, compelling and conveys a big message in concise imagery.

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