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"I can't remember a time when fiber was not an important part of my life. I loved school but loved knitting, embroidery and sewing more. My Mom had a knitting group that met every other week at our house while I was at school. On those days I would become mysteriously ill, but was still sent off to school proclaiming I would surely die. Once I gave an Academy Award performance and was allowed to stay home. It was a good day.

I completed college earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, but with moving to our first house, creativity once again took center stage. Our 1840 New England farmhouse had 46 windows which needed curtains. I was in heaven. Braiding rugs was the next task. Furniture for our home was purchased at antique auctions. At one auction, I had the highest bid and took home a spinning wheel. It was another good day. A great day was when three little lambs came to stay. Not the most cost effective way to knit socks, hats, and mittens for everyone.

When my daughter was born it was obvious to me that a quilt had to be made. Off to the bookstore where at that time there was only one book on the subject of quilt making. There weren't any rotary cutters, rulers, or even quilt shops so I taught myself. The quilt was finished in time for Killeen's debut. It was the best day.

Three years after her birth the first quilt shop in our area opened and my quilt teaching career began. Five years later I opened my own shop. Over the years I've enjoyed making competition quilts. Competing led to the development of my "stencilscapes" technique. Painting has been the best teacher of color. It's been the foundation which opened the door for me to create two thread collections which are sold internationally. The marketing of these thread collections took me to Quilt Market in Houston, where Anna Fishkin with Red Rooster Fabrics noticed my work. This led to my first fabric line, Happily Ever After. It was a very good day.
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On the Web - Border Print in Multi by Jacqueline Paton for Red Rooster



On the Web - Small Flowers on Gold by Jacqueline Paton for Red Rooster

$11.05 $17.00


On the Web - Small Flowers on Green by Jacqueline Paton for Red Rooster

$11.05 $17.00

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