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Ingrid is primarily know as a character artist who works in watercolor.  Her trademark style is highly detailed, nostalgic and whimsical. Ingrid has been drawing and sculpting since she was a child. At James Madison University she majored in  biology but spent most of her time designing seminar posters for her professors featuring dancing lizards and angry trout.  She has won several awards for her art including the 1997 Outstanding Children's Book Award from the International Readers Association.

Ingrid lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two children who help her out by modeling for the figures in her illustrations and showing her how to do things on the computer. (Ingrid needs lots of computer help!) Ingrid is close to her sisters and receives a great deal of assistance from them as well. They can frequently be found in her home office along with their children and dogs. As Ingrid says, “We like our home to be a busy happy place!” When not at her drawing table, Ingrid enjoys reading books and eating carbohydrates. She also enjoys gardening, but only before the mosquitoes come out.

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Best Tree on the Lot - Trees on White by Ingrid Slyder for Northcott

$9.90 $16.50


Best Tree on the Lot - Mini Scenes (approx. 6" x 6") by Ingrid Slyder for Northcott


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