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Cheri Strole is one of the most talented computer graphic designers currently working in the home industry. Over her 30-year career as a professional designer, she has designed and styled thousands of quilting, craft and home decor fabrics and wallpapers that have sold over 100 million yards worldwide.

Cheri consulted and designed for companies such as Cosco, Graco, Century Baby Products, Evenflo, Pickhardt and Seibert, Bernina, Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design and JHB Buttons. She was Vice President of Design and Merchandising for South Sea Imports/MM Fab and for the past seven years has designed fabric collections for the quilt market. We are pleased that Cheri recently joined Northcott as a licensed fabric designer.

As a fourth generation quilter, Cheri's love for fabric began early. "I grew up around fabric. Quilting played a very important role in the lives of the women in my family. We made quilts for weddings, babies, charities and anniversaries; in fact, we quilted for any special occasion, but mostly for everyday use.”  

Cheri studied design at California State University, Northridge and computer graphic design at University of California, Irvine, but affirms that she learned more about fabric design and color from her grandmother. “My grandmother lovingly guided me while sharing her vast knowledge and love for quilting. I think that is what I remember most, the sharing. On beautiful summer days, as I sit with my grandchildren and play with fabrics, I know the importance of sharing and providing comfort to the people around us is truly the greatest gift of quilting.”

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Up and Away - Dot in Orange by Cheri Strole for Northcott


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