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Meet me at the Corner of 5th & Fun! Don't bother looking it up as you won't find this on Google Maps - no siree! This corner is far too cool for any map - it's a magical land where cats where bowties, bears juggle apples while squirrels are looking on. And when it rains, only the radish patch gets wet!

Fifth & Fun has a wonderful large border print with more than thirty coordinating prints and patterns colored in on-trend pastel shades of blue, pink, gray and yellow. Quilts, bedding, sleepers, wall art and even lampshades - these fabrics are perfect for projects of any kind and for any age.

Join in the fun - it's just around the corner!
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Corner of 5th & Fun - Highways and Byways in Rosie Cheeks (Brushed Cotton) by Sandy Gervais for Moda

$11.00 $20.00

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